05 June 2012

Lucky Shinjuku

The Lucky Camera Shop, in Shinjuku, Japan. If you've got a keen eye, you can spot the price tags on some of those TLRs - 32,000 YEN for the Autocord there is equivalent to about $400 Australian. So prices weren't too bad. Of course, what I spent most of my time salivating over was the Leica M3, in just about perfect condition. A cool 500,000 YEN ($6000 Australia) for your rubber-necking, gaijin.

This was only the front window display - inside, pretty much every western, eastern, and soviet manufacturer was represented. There were even a few bakelite beasties that had me scratching my head. Alas, my mind was firmly set on trying to find that rare and most desirable toy, the Fujipet. No luck, I'm afraid.

** note: didn't even buying anything from here, not a sausage. i do think i nearly got kicked out by the owner though - punctuality is important in Japan, and i wasn't quite paying attention to the fact i walked into his shop 5 minutes before he opened. hey, he had the door open and everything...