18 October 2008


portraits in a glass. not sure what I was trying to achieve, but i like it.

scanned on a flatbed from negative. probably ilford hp5+, probably Minolta XG-M.

old contact prints

Some images I took back in uni (2003). I don't have the prints anymore, only the negs & some contact index prints. According to the film, they're on Ilford HP5+, and they would have been taken with Minolta XG-M (28 years old & still going strong).



I like using film. Why? Not sure. Perhaps it's because you need to think a bit more about what you're doing in advance - there's no preview function on a film camera (apart from the view finder). Sometimes you get unexpected results. And of course, it's cheaper to buy decent quality optics for film these days than a half-way decent digital camera.

This is just going to be a place to pop up some of my film stuff as it happens (sporadically).