28 June 2010

On Four Corners Dark's blog, there is an interesting history of the Holga written by the people who make them. Includes this nice little fun fact:

Lovers of the cameras in China even created the cute name “Big Brother Monkey” which is a Chinese phonetic approximation of “Holga” pronounced in English...

25 June 2010


More CH Smith. More urban dead space.

20 June 2010


Pylons behind the derelict CH Smith warehouse in Launceston.

15 June 2010


We have a letter slot on the inside of our front fence. For outgoing mail, we assume..

08 June 2010

Crocs l'Orange

My French is trivial at best. In 6 days in France, all I learnt was:

l'addition, sil vous plait - "the bill, please"
un/deux bier, sil vous plait - "one/two beer/s, please"

Sorry if Crocs l'Orange is a bit dodgy.

Prelude to homebrew redscale

This morning, inspired by a video I saw on youtube, I attempted to create my own redscale film. Thanks to a combination of cheap & cheerful Lucky film, dark mornings, and a think set of bed coverings, I assume I have succeeded. And really, I'm not eager to part with $10+ per roll for Rollei redscale, so the homebrewing option is appealing.

Anyway, I have yet to load up a camera with it (Holga 135 or Minolta? Decisions, decisions...), but once I do I'll be eager to see how it pans out. If it pans out.

01 June 2010