18 February 2012

Hong Kong In The 80s

My new project, Hong Kong In The 80s has started. It should appeal to people who like old photos, Hong Kong, the 80s, and those moments that are half-way between dream and memory. Feel free to pop over, have a squizz, and enjoy (hopefully).

caught off guard

The fountain in Princes Square, Launceston, 2002-2003.
Probably taken with a Minolta XG-M, on Ilford HP-5+.

05 February 2012


Holga 135, probably XP-2, possibly Fuji 400

Not really abandoned. Just early morning at the Seaport. I can't for the life of me remember why I was down here early enough to experience an empty car park. Perhaps work? Maybe.

I've always liked this shot, pointy rooves, nice even-ish mix of tones: no black-metal-blacks or blinging whites.