29 November 2009

Agfa Isolette - Good news...?

I think I've fixed it. Or, rather, it's fixed itself. Someone on Flickr kindly reminded me that the shutter is supposed to stay cocked until the film is wound on - which my Isolette so far hasn't bothered with. So I wound the winderer, et voila! Shutter quite happily fires once more.

So it now appears that what I thought was "broken" is apparently "mysterious & spontaneous correct function".


This does put me in mind that the Isolette might not be the most reliable of beasts in future - so I might see if I can get someone (perhaps Walchs in Hobarts) to at least give it a once-over. It is, after all, older than my dad - it's probably well overdue for a service of some kind.

27 November 2009

Weekly Vintage Image: 10

Happy young chap in my great grandparents' garden - where all important moments in time are captured.

I would love to know what kind of camera was used. All I know is that my great grandfather was the photographer most of the time. I'm guessing it was probably a fairly basic 35mm camera of some kind (doesn't seem to be a lot of control over exposure or focus), however as both my great grandparents died over 20 years ago, my curiousity will just have to go unsatisfied...

25 November 2009

Good news - LOMO Sokol 2

Finally arrived yesterday. When I get a bit of time, I'll do a bit of a write-up on this fabulous brick.

24 November 2009

Bad News - Agfa Isolette

My beloved Agfa Isolette II is "buggered" - I think. The shutter cocks, but stays cocked even after much coaxing, tapping, shaking, and (inevitably) shouting. It just sits there waiting for something to happen, but refuses to tell me what I should be doing.

I'm not sure if this is a common problem or not. If I'm feeling plucky one day, I might take it apart (plenty of guides online for doing this) and see if I can fluke a fix.

It'll be a damn shame if it's permanently broken. I quite like how compact it is for a 120 camera, the photos I've taken with it came out amazingly well, and it looks awesome. But it is about 55 years old, and considering it was $25AU in a junk shop, it's amazing it even still worked.

Here's hoping it's only a hiccup on an otherwise uninterrupted long-term photographic partnership.

20 November 2009

Weekly Vintage Image: 9

This rather blurry image is the Cenotaph/War Memorial in Burnie's City Park. The flag flying beside it appears to be the Union Jack - anyone have any thoughts why this & not the Australian flag?

18 November 2009

some recent (and not so recent) photos...

I found a roll of film behind the chest of drawers in the hallway. Turns out it included a couple of photos (bottom two) from our portrait session with our wedding photographer. This roll was taken using the Vilia, which I haven't had much time for recently, unfortunately.

The other photos (top three) are from a recent BBQ at Stu & Sam's house, which involved the playing of Wii...

13 November 2009

Weekly Vintage Image: 8

Following on from last week's creepy uniformed children, is another uniformed child (my uncle?) - although this one just looks a bit surly.

Another child seems to have popped up in frame behind the fence, however it's difficult at this stage to tell whether he/she/it is also uniformed...

06 November 2009

Sokol 2

Yay! On the way (not the one from the image, but you get the drift), thanks to anonymous auction site.

I like the cut of it's jib. Automatic exposure probably requires some weird kind of battery, but that's why folks invented sunny-16...

Weekly Vintage Image: 7

A little bit Village of the Damned, no? No idea who these possibly-evil cherubic sailor children are, but an astute guess whould be they're relatives of some sort.