26 April 2010

Ceiling + light

17 April 2010

Gigantic Orange Head

Good Friday 2010.

07 April 2010

Holga 135 - first results

they came out alright - although i have to admit the resuts are not dissimilar to those from the Vilia or the Zorki...and they both have more than one shutter speed. still, the holga 135 has proven itself now as a worthwhile addition to the collection.

Also worth noting is that the bottom right corner "ghosting" that is so familiar with the Holga 120 is missing. I remember once reading why this happens with the Holga 120, but have completely forgotten what it was or where I read it. Something to do with the shutter, I think? Anyways, whatever happens to make that happen, it doesn't happen with the Holga 135. Which isn't all that important.

06 April 2010

Holga & Minolta

These two have been my two recent favourites. I haven't seen results from the Holga 135 yet, but the amount of shots I've taken mean I should get something done about that sooner rather than later.

I am enjoying using the Holga 135, but it does make me feel slightly not-in-control. I prefer to have more than two apertures to choose from, and more than one shutter speed. I might just have to get used to that, though - this is part of the reason I choose to use Holgas, all the 'technical' side of things is dispensed with straight away.

However, I do much enjoy the Minolta. There's a challenge there (although the Aperture Priority mode can hi-jack this somewhat), and the results are usually superb - especially with that Rokkor 1.7 lens on board! I've heard one or two people say that the lens-film combination are what matter, and the camera itself doesn't have a lot to do with end result. I say "poo" to that (with knobs on) - if you're not comfortable with the capabilities and features of the camera body you use, it doesn't matter how good your lens or film is because you'll end up with crap.

That's not to say my photos are brilliant by any stretch. But I'm never disappointed by the Minolta.

03 April 2010

Old stuff: 6

Minolta XG-M, Ilford HP5.