28 December 2008

Fujicolor 1600

I recently purchased some Fujicolor 1600 film. I used it quite liberally on Christmas Eve in my future-parents-in-laws' eternally slightly dim house. It is quite noisy, which I should have been expecting anyway. Useful for be able to shoot in available light, but the colours are fairly muted and the noise is just, well, distracting. Chalk that one up as a learning experience.

25 December 2008

Expired film bonanza

A friend visited on Christmas Day & gave me a small cache of expired film from the local constabulary's fridge. As they no longer use film in their operations, I am assured it won't be missed.

1 x Kodak 400 (colour/b&w? expiry?)
2 x Kodak Plus-X Pan 125 (exp. 1992)
2 x Kodachrome 64 slide (exp. 1989)
2 x Kodak T-Max 100 (exp. 1990?)
2 x Kodak T-Max P3200 (exp. 1989)
1 x Kodak Pro Image 100 (exp. ?)
1 x Kodak Tri-x 400 (exp. ?)
2 x Fujicolor Super HR 1600 (exp. 1988, 1995)
2 x Fijucolor Super HG 1600 (exp. 1988)
4 x Ilford Delta 100 (exp 1996)

Not a bad haul. Of course, as they expired a minimum of 12 years ago, the results may "vary". I've put them all in the freezer until I can figure out what to do with them. My benefactor assures me they have been sitting in a police fridge as far back as he can remember, so I can only hope they have survived the ravages of age well.

The 3200 I'm not even sure I can use. The Minolta only meters up to 1600, so I'd be guessing the right exposure. I was thinking of trying it in the Vilia, which has a maximum f4 and shutter speeds from 1/250 to 1/30. It could work. We'll see.

He's also going to see if his department are willing to part with one of their superfluous Bronica kits for a small fee. Of course I'll have to consider whether the cost is worth it, but I have had my eye on a Bronica system for some time now, and if I can avoid having to buy from the USA, or even buy it after having actually seen the product, I'd be much happier.

Christmas is a good time of year.

17 December 2008

Weekend before last was the Launceston Swing Patrol Christmas Ball. Lots of fun had by all who attended. I should have attended with tripod - our local photo lab's fastest speed in stock is 400iso, so I had to try to be steady. Some come out okay, some not so...

20 November 2008


I went for a bit of a wander out to Tamar Island & back today. Never taken my "nice" camera out there, which is odd because I worked there for 8 months - hence ample opportunity.

I'm a bit disappointed with the results, plus I had to scan them myself. Anyways, here's the only one out of 27 worth sharing.

19 November 2008

18 November 2008

carr villa

more scans from negative. TX-400? 2003?

18 October 2008


portraits in a glass. not sure what I was trying to achieve, but i like it.

scanned on a flatbed from negative. probably ilford hp5+, probably Minolta XG-M.

old contact prints

Some images I took back in uni (2003). I don't have the prints anymore, only the negs & some contact index prints. According to the film, they're on Ilford HP5+, and they would have been taken with Minolta XG-M (28 years old & still going strong).



I like using film. Why? Not sure. Perhaps it's because you need to think a bit more about what you're doing in advance - there's no preview function on a film camera (apart from the view finder). Sometimes you get unexpected results. And of course, it's cheaper to buy decent quality optics for film these days than a half-way decent digital camera.

This is just going to be a place to pop up some of my film stuff as it happens (sporadically).