31 May 2009

I've crossed the line...

It occurred to me yesterday that I am now past the days where I would buy some film if I wanted to take some photos, and spend the rest of the time without any film in the house.

Now, I have about 25 films in reserve, and the thought of actually using them all up upsets me. It's now important to me to maintain a healthy stock of films just in case. I've hardly taken any photos in the past 3 months, but that's not the point.

23 May 2009

Agfa Isolette II

Latest acquisition - Agfa Isolette II, 6x6 120 folding camera from Germany.

From a small second hand shop in Longford, for the princely sum of $35. I'd never been in the shop before, and it was more of a last minute decision, and we weren't hoping for much. However, this was in a cabinet on the counter, and scattered around the shop were a variety of Brownies (in good nick), some Kodak 127 cameras, and some more (much rougher looking) folders.

I know very little about these cameras, but I've always wanted a folding 120 cameras as they are so easy to carry. I was carrying my Zorki at the time, which just made my coat look ridiculous. This will be much more practical.

I also look forward to having something that takes square images! I might have to invest in a film scanner, because I don't trust the local camera monopoly to scan them properly - last time I had 120 developed & scanned, the images on the CD were distinctly rectangular...

Post: After a bit of searching on teh net yesterday, I've discovered these cameras are notorious for their leaky bellows. Especially seeing as they're now in their mid 50s. I've tried liberal amounts of nail polish, and might try some electrical tape (liquid or real) as well. Not sure I can afford a new set of bellows just yet...

19 May 2009

Mode: Acquire

Recently I've just been buying film, not shooting it. Apart from the brief hiccup that was International Commie Camera Day, I haven't taken a single photo, let alone had anything developed.

Anyways, in the latest instalment of my saga to give the local photography chain store a "go", my order of Pan F came in...in 120. Useful, seeing as I don't own a manual 120 camera. I doubt the Holga would deal with a fim so slow (or more correctly, I wouldn't have the patience to make it work). So it'll be another week or so now. Patience, patience. I did buy some Fuji Pro 400H to compensate, although I am still also waiting for the 800Z to come in.

Honestly, it would be much easier for me just to go to the Fuji Pro Shop in the UK, but the postage cost annoys me a bit. If I had someone to go halves with, I wouldn't hesitate...

07 May 2009

What's in my cameras?

I have a habit of putting film in a camera & then not finishing it for a while. Probably because I have several cameras which all have their own quirks & character, so they don't suit all situations. Not a particularly committed photographer, am I? True, I do leave film in the camera for a while...unless I have a specific purpose, like International Commie Camera Day.

Anyways, the purpose is to remind myself of what I have in what, and maybe shame myself into doing something about it:

Fisheye2: Agfacolor 200
Minolta*: Fuji Reala 100
Pinhole: Agfacolor 200
Holga: Fuji Reala 100
Zeiss Ikon: Agfacolor 200
Vilia: Fuji Neopan 400
Zorki: nil.

* not working at this stage anyway, so finishing off the film will be dependent on me getting it going again.

I've been wanting to put some 220 into the Holga upside down to play with the redscale thing, but as I'm only 3 frames into the Reala, it'll be a while before that happens. Ditto with the pinhole - I'd like to try redscale in that, but as it's super-basic, I have NO IDEA how far I am into the roll - or even if the results are worth developing. I think I tried some star trails & night-time stuff with it last winter, but I really can't be sure.


In other news, I visited Stallards the other day to see if my Pan F & Fuji Pro 800 had arrived, and the order hadn't even been placed. Hmph. It'll have to wait until next pay now, but that's okay - no rush. As long as I have the 800 before we go down the west coast (the extra sensitivity will help), I'll be happy.

05 May 2009

International Commie Camera Day

The results are in for International Commie Camera Day 2009. Or more correctly, the film was developed and the negatives scanned.

I'm pleased with the results, considering it was my first outing with the Zorki. It's a nice camera, feels solid, looks superb, and is relatively quiet. It was almost a disaster on May 1st, as it was bucketing down with rain in the morning, and holding both a camera and an umbella proved too much for my sleep addled brain. However, the afternoon was quite sunny, and leaving 5 minutes early from work allowed me to take advantage of the light. And seeing as I'm reliant on Sunny-16 for shots with the Zorki, difficult light is best avoided if possible.

They seem to have come out alright...and I didn't forget to cock the shutter before messing with the speed.