17 March 2010

Old stuff: 7

Sometime 2003-2003.

12 March 2010

Ilford Pan (or, How I Tried To Copy Max Dupain)

On New Year's Day, my wife & I went with some friends to Coles Bay. I gave a roll of Ilford Pan F 50 a go. Some of the results were good.

I like the film. I think I'll be using it more often...particularly during the day when it's sunny. Allows me to make the most of wide apertures...

10 March 2010

Holga 135

On a strange whim, I ordered one of these a couple of weeks ago.

It seems unexpectedly robust for a Holga. And there's the benefit of 35mm film, albeit at the loss of the wonderful 6x6/6x4.5 format. But it'll be useful. I think I just wanted a 135 camera that I can throw in my bag, doesn't take fancy photos, and doesn't require me to think too much when I'm shooting.

A cheap Holga-branded flash and some cheap Lucky colour film are also on the way.

Thanks Christ for eBay Hong Kong!

04 March 2010

Old stuff: 5

The gorge in flood, 2004.

Minolta XG-M, Ilford HP5.