28 January 2009

Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super

A recent trip to an antique/second hand dealer & I found one of these beauties. I didn't buy it at the time, but I have my eye on it. Not sure whether $85 is a good price, but it did seem to be in awfully good nick, the shop owner assured me the shutter is functioning. If it's still there following the honeymoon, I'll be spending my had-earned on it. Provided it works properly. There was another camera (folding camera, takes plate film but comes with a DIY 120 back - looks nice, although I have no guarantee it's functional) in the window which has been there for at least two months, so that gives me confidence that stock moves slowly there...

My god is it heavy though! I think I read it's mostly brass & steel, which I guess would account for it's considerable heft.

The other objects of desire are either a TLR of some kind, or a Fed 1/Zorki 4.

25 January 2009