25 December 2008

Expired film bonanza

A friend visited on Christmas Day & gave me a small cache of expired film from the local constabulary's fridge. As they no longer use film in their operations, I am assured it won't be missed.

1 x Kodak 400 (colour/b&w? expiry?)
2 x Kodak Plus-X Pan 125 (exp. 1992)
2 x Kodachrome 64 slide (exp. 1989)
2 x Kodak T-Max 100 (exp. 1990?)
2 x Kodak T-Max P3200 (exp. 1989)
1 x Kodak Pro Image 100 (exp. ?)
1 x Kodak Tri-x 400 (exp. ?)
2 x Fujicolor Super HR 1600 (exp. 1988, 1995)
2 x Fijucolor Super HG 1600 (exp. 1988)
4 x Ilford Delta 100 (exp 1996)

Not a bad haul. Of course, as they expired a minimum of 12 years ago, the results may "vary". I've put them all in the freezer until I can figure out what to do with them. My benefactor assures me they have been sitting in a police fridge as far back as he can remember, so I can only hope they have survived the ravages of age well.

The 3200 I'm not even sure I can use. The Minolta only meters up to 1600, so I'd be guessing the right exposure. I was thinking of trying it in the Vilia, which has a maximum f4 and shutter speeds from 1/250 to 1/30. It could work. We'll see.

He's also going to see if his department are willing to part with one of their superfluous Bronica kits for a small fee. Of course I'll have to consider whether the cost is worth it, but I have had my eye on a Bronica system for some time now, and if I can avoid having to buy from the USA, or even buy it after having actually seen the product, I'd be much happier.

Christmas is a good time of year.

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