03 February 2009

wedding shots

To be used on the wedding day - separate from our official photographer, of course. The idea is that these will be left beside a guest book. When guests get the urge to leave us a note (hopefully not "I kill you scums"), they will be urged in turn to take a photo of themselves using one of these bad boys. The photo will then accompany their note when we can be bothered getting the photos developed.

These disposables are loaded with Rollei Retro 400, which as I understand it is a true B&W film that imitates the look of 35mm films from the 50s & 60s: fine grain, high contrast, etc. Some examples can be seen in the dedicated Flickr group. I'll entrust this to Black & White Photographics on Invermay Road for development.

I also picked up some Rollei Pan 25 for use at a later date. I'm thinking a trip into the highlands, but I'm undecided. Not until after the wedding for that one.

Incidentally, I have always pronounced it "rol-eye" (as it's a German company), the person I spoke to at Vanbar favoured "role-ee", even picking me up on my "error".

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