24 March 2009

film order update

I've ordered:

10 x Neopan 400
5 x Fuji Pro 160S

from Fuji Lab UK. A much better deal than ordering from Vanbar, despite the higher postage. It helps that the films are short-selling stock, but the Neopan is still good until July, and the Pro 160 is good until April. I understand that it will still be fine well after it's "expired" (it's like a serving suggestion), so I'm not too fussed. Even a slight colour shift or minor fogging can be corrected these days.

It's sad that it's a better deal to order from the UK (on the other side of the planet) than to order from within Australia. But I guess the issue is that Vanbar probably pay postage to get their stock, and then add their markup. Can't blame them, but then I can't be blamed for enjoying the benefits of a global marketplace. I prefer to buy local if possible, but if the deal is significantly better non-local, what would you choose?

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