23 May 2009

Agfa Isolette II

Latest acquisition - Agfa Isolette II, 6x6 120 folding camera from Germany.

From a small second hand shop in Longford, for the princely sum of $35. I'd never been in the shop before, and it was more of a last minute decision, and we weren't hoping for much. However, this was in a cabinet on the counter, and scattered around the shop were a variety of Brownies (in good nick), some Kodak 127 cameras, and some more (much rougher looking) folders.

I know very little about these cameras, but I've always wanted a folding 120 cameras as they are so easy to carry. I was carrying my Zorki at the time, which just made my coat look ridiculous. This will be much more practical.

I also look forward to having something that takes square images! I might have to invest in a film scanner, because I don't trust the local camera monopoly to scan them properly - last time I had 120 developed & scanned, the images on the CD were distinctly rectangular...

Post: After a bit of searching on teh net yesterday, I've discovered these cameras are notorious for their leaky bellows. Especially seeing as they're now in their mid 50s. I've tried liberal amounts of nail polish, and might try some electrical tape (liquid or real) as well. Not sure I can afford a new set of bellows just yet...

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