27 November 2010

I will still use film, I promise...

...however, after shelling out for a Nikon DSLR today, it might not be all that frequently.

I have to admit, though - as nice as it is to get instant feedback and the ability to "get rid of the crap ones" then and there, I think there's something missing from the digital experience. So I will keep going with film as well when the mood takes me.


robinmay* said...

For special occasions, I like to always have a DSLR on hand. That ensures I will have at least one perfectly photographed memory of the experience, which is immediately available for sharing with friends & family. For most other days, however, I leave it behind, mostly because I tend to get bogged down in reviewing each shot and find myself missing out on the actual experience. Digital cameras really bring out the obsessive in me.

Isabella said...

Don't worry. It'll only be a matter of time before you return to the dark side... muahaha.

I got a DSLR at one point and lost interest pretty quickly. It's nice to have on hand though!