22 January 2010

Hong Kong slides

In 1984 or thereabouts, my father went on a trip to south-east Asia. One of the stops was Hong Kong, where he picked up several boxes of slides aimed at the tourist market.

I was always pretty fascinated by these slides when I was a kid. The slides came with a tiny little mains-operated projector, and I spent hours looking at pictures of Hong Kong, Kowloon & all that sort of stuff. Endlessly amusing.

Anyways, I started to scan a few last year, here's one for the world to enjoy.

19 January 2010

Old stuff: 2

Another cat - this time my own cat, Ava.

Again, 2003-2003, possibly Kodak Tri-X, although this is most likely the Minolta's handiwork...

14 January 2010

Aufwiedersehen, Agfa

I'm afraid I've had to declare my beloved Agfa Isolette II dead. The shutter is jammed solid, and I can't for the life of me revive it. There is a part of me that would dearly love to send it away to Certo6 to have the full treatment, but I simply can't afford it just yet.

It's particularly difficult as I spent a lot of time cleaning and doing basic repairs to this camera. It looks awesome, and thanks to it's foldiness is one of the most discretely portable 120 cameras around. I managed one film through it during the course of my ownership, an example of which is above. I was most happy with the results, but I guess it was always going to be a limited time only - the camera had probably been sitting in that dusty 2nd hand shop for quite some time, and it didn't look like it'd been treated particularly carefully.

Perhaps one day I'll be able to afford repairs (probably just a new lens/shutter assembly), so I'll keep is stowed away in a nice, clean place - just in case.

12 January 2010

Ilford SFX 200

Today I picked up my first exposed roll of Ilford SFX 200. Today, I also found out that without a red filter, the film is just an expensive B&W film. However, I am still very pleased with the results, it's nice to use a "proper" black & white film - I've always liked Ilford's films better than mono films offered by Fuji & Kodak, but I guess that's all Ilford do, so they may as well do them right.

I probably like the top one best - I miss getting that silvery look of a well exposed black & white image which has the full compliment of in-between tones.

07 January 2010

Waub's Bay

New Year's Eve 2009. A shame I missed all the lightning.

05 January 2010

Old stuff: 1

Photo from my university days - sometime 2002-2003.

Scan from negative, possibly Kodak Tri-x, possibly a 1960s Pentax SLR...