19 May 2009

Mode: Acquire

Recently I've just been buying film, not shooting it. Apart from the brief hiccup that was International Commie Camera Day, I haven't taken a single photo, let alone had anything developed.

Anyways, in the latest instalment of my saga to give the local photography chain store a "go", my order of Pan F came in...in 120. Useful, seeing as I don't own a manual 120 camera. I doubt the Holga would deal with a fim so slow (or more correctly, I wouldn't have the patience to make it work). So it'll be another week or so now. Patience, patience. I did buy some Fuji Pro 400H to compensate, although I am still also waiting for the 800Z to come in.

Honestly, it would be much easier for me just to go to the Fuji Pro Shop in the UK, but the postage cost annoys me a bit. If I had someone to go halves with, I wouldn't hesitate...

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